Herbal remedies for Skin

By popular demand from my blog followers, here is an article on skincare. One should use herbal products or remedies, specially if they have sensitive skin. The products available outside have harsh chemicals and can spoil your skin. Always try and use natural products or ingredients which will never harm your skin. Here are some […]

Mikyajy Black I

Today I will review one of my favourite product from the brand- Mikyajy. For those who don’t know this brand, let me tell you that Mikyajy is one of the best Arabic brands and its products are not available in any other stores other than the brand stores at different locations in UAE. Black I […]

New Year giveaway: Lunch for 4 at Boulevard Cafe

Making it very simple. 1. Follow my blog- Go to followers section under the ads and click join this site. Enter your email address and password and you are done. 2. Invite your friends, to join my blog too. The first one to get me, 10 new blog followers, walks away with the prize. Your […]