Valentine Day Celebration with Valentine Day Nail Art

I hope all of you had fun yesterday. To celebrate, I had painted my nails red and had also worn red attire. For me, love is not to be shown just one day, it should be all the year around. Anyways, I enjoyed my day with wonderful lunch and dinner with my hubby and quality […]

Olive oil- Good for health

We know what bad fat or oils can do to our body. So as far as possible, one should use Olive oil for cooking. Substituting Olive oil, a monounsaturated fat, for saturated fats or polyunsaturated fats can:- Reduce blood pressure Inhibit the growth of some cancers Benefit people with diabetes, as it lowers the Triglyceride […]

Water Effectiveness and Timing- Wonders for health

To remain beautiful, there is no secret but to drink enough water. We all know that water is really important for our body, but the correct timing to drink water will maximise its effectiveness to the human body. Here is how water will work wonders- 2 glasses of water, 30 minutes before meals, will help […]

Honey and Almond scrub made at home

Hey sweeties, no need to always spend huge amount of money on cosmetics. One can take care of skin, from products made at home. Here is one recipe of Honey and Almond scrub, which creates wonders for your skin. Ingredients– Almond Flour- 4tbsp Jojoba oil- 2tbsp Honey- 4tbsp Peppermint essential oil- 5drops Method– Take a […]