Winter hydration Tips

In winter we take extra care to slather on creams and lotions, but what happens when even the most stringent hydration techniques aren’t working for you? Find out new tips to fight the arid winter and make your skin beautiful. Deal with Dry Air– Staying warm this winter is priority number one, but the dry […]

Oilive oil- Best massage oil

Hey Divas! More knowledge for you. Rubbing Olive oil on the body prevents it from dryness and skin diseases. Applying on the face, cleans and prevents it from pimples and makes the skin delicate and lovely. It is very safe for babies of all ages for massaging. It is also used for oil bath for […]

Almond Oil- The Skin care oil

Did you know that almond oil is one of the best skin care oil? Direct application of Almond oil below the eyes clears black rings or dark circles round the eyes. It clears pimples and black heads on the face. It is a wonderful oil for massage. It is a special skin caring oil, a […]