Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume Oil Replacement Review

Hair care is a major issue in Dubai specially with such a drastic climate change every now and then. Our lives also has become so hectic that we don’t pay attention sometimes to it and just do the basic shampoo and conditioner or tie it up on a bad hair day ! When was the […]

Classic Cars Exhibition at Boulevard March 2015

Hello to all the wonderful people ! Wanted to share a quick one with you. This is something in Dubai you missed last week. It was a sight not to be missed at all and caught everyone’s attention. There were lots of classic and unique cars exhibited at Dubai Boulevard which was a delight for […]

My Latest Asset- Ideal New Year’s gift for your loved one

This is something I wanted to share from a long time but wasn’t getting time due to my busy schedule. Got this beauty from Gitex only and then I had my event so time was taken by the preparations around it. Currently I am up with Bharat Thakur’s Himalayan Challenge which also takes loads of […]

Vitamin D deficiency- Common problem in Dubai

Recently I felt my hands shivering and legs started paining way too much and did not know the probable reason. To my surprise, when I took a vitamin D test recently, my level was low, but still better than people whose level was 10 or below. Still I had to take vitamin D shot and […]

Mikyajy Black I

Today I will review one of my favourite product from the brand- Mikyajy. For those who don’t know this brand, let me tell you that Mikyajy is one of the best Arabic brands and its products are not available in any other stores other than the brand stores at different locations in UAE. Black I […]

Tempting Treats from Mikyajy

Mikyajy is personally one of my favourite brands and love all its products. Mikyajy is one of the fastest growing cosmetic brands in the Middle East. I love the look they give to all their stores. Today I shall review the Tempting Treats product which is one of their best- selling products and which is […]