Raksha Bandhan/ Eid Glow – taking care of yourself

Hello, how are you all doing? Hope all are doing well and feeling good. I have started my 30 days Weight Loss Challenge and can’t wait to see my transformation. Started with detox and then a diet plan, my goal is to reduce belly fat, increase muscle mass and my stamina. Who doesn’t want to […]

Ageless Serum – Balanced Guru

We all want to maintain a youthful glow forever and ever. Which woman doesn’t? But of course, we are a bit wary of chemical packed cosmetics and injected muscle toxins – wouldn’t those do more harm than good in the long run? Lucky for us, Balanced Guru has decided to take a more natural approach.  Finding the […]

Transform your Skin with the Power of Bee Venom

Transform your Skin with the Power of Bee Venom Bee venom skincare has created quite a buzz in the beauty industry recently, with a host of famous – and enviably youthful faces paying testament to its miracle properties. In fact, it’s the beauty industry’s best kept secret for targeting wrinkles, puffiness and the dryness of […]

Beauty routine for Ramadan

Make your skin glow During Ramadan, the change in diet affects the skin and hair. Here are some suggestions for you to take care:- Fried food, sweets and drinks in sugar can affect the skin adversely. It has been posited that sugar breaks down skin collagen and worsens acne. So make sure your diet includes […]


Worried about your skin as you grow up? Leave your worries to New Regenessence (3. R) skincare range from Giorgio Armani. They say it is “A New Skin Dream” and “Reflection of Inner Beauty“. I really loved using the entire range. It is the most complete Regeneration process at all skin level and the first […]


Women who are looking for both intense hydration and advanced antioxidant protection will find the perfect solution in HYDRA BEAUTY SÉRUM. Suitable for all skin types, this universal moisturizing beautifying serum has the power to protect your beauty and restore all your radiance. Exquisitely comforted with vital moisture, skin is radiant, beautiful, fresh and plumped, […]